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"Āeksio Ōño jemot Muñe Zaldrīzoti jittas – se sȳndrori jorrāelis lȳr ozdakonot ziry dīntis. Skorkydoso udlilat? Belmondo bantāzma bōsa jemī qlādīlusy botilat? Ondossa jorhakēlāt, lykāpsirī Zaldrīzoti Muño amāzinon jumbari? Iā jemēla zȳhys perzi ondurilat? Belma se pōnte sētessis lȳri nāpāstyri ozzālilāt?Jemēlo kāerīnnon ivīlībilāt, lo sīr Dāria Daenerys jemī ivīlībagon kesīr īlos daor?

(The Lord of Light sent the Mother of Dragons to you – and those who love the darkness chased her away. How will you respond? Will you let them drag you back into the long night of bondage? Will you wring your hands while you wait idly for the Mother of Dragons to return? Or will you take up her flames yourselves? Will you burn away the chains and the nonbelievers who make them? Will you fight for your own salvation, now that Queen Daenerys is not here to fight for you?)
―Zanrush to a crowd of Meereenese[src]

Zanrush[1] is a Red Priest of R'hllor, based in the city of Meereen.


Season 6

Tyrion Lannister and Varys listen to Zanrush preaching his message to a crowd of Meereenese freedmen. The Red Priest wants the populace to follow Daenerys's example in her absence and free themselves from the tyranny of the masters.[2]

When Kinvara comes to the pyramid to speak with Tyrion and Varys, Zanrush announces her, listing her titles, then steps aside while the others converse.[3]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, by the point the books have reached, there is no mention of a character named Zanrush or of Red Priests in Meereen, though at least one is in transit.