"Once in a long while, you may get two real highborn shits having a go at each other and one of them might be fool enough to demand a Trial by Seven. Exactly how it sounds: seven men against seven men. "
Ser Willem Wylde was a member of House Wylde.


Willem Wylde fought in the Trial by seven of Duncan the Tall.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Willem Wylde was a member of the Kingsguard during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen. When a place opened in the Kingsguard, Daeron gave the position to Ser Willem. Daeron either did not know or willfully ignored his father Aegon IV's promise to Ser Quentyn Ball that he would be raised to the Kingsguard. This was one of the contributing factors to Ser Quentyn siding with Daemon Blackfyre during the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Ser Willem, along with his two fellow Kingsguard members Ser Roland Crakehall and Ser Donnel of Duskendale, escorted the royal Targaryen princes to Ashford for the tourney. After Prince Aerion Targaryen invoked the Trial of Seven all three Kingsguard members present were made part of his seven. Ser Willem was carried off the field unconscious at the end of the trial.


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