"I went to Willem Frey's wedding?"
Jaime Lannister to his cousin, Alton[src]

Ser Willem Frey was a member of House Frey and a knight whose wedding was celebrated with a tournament.


Season 2

Ser Alton Lannister recalls squiring for his distant cousin Ser Jaime Lannister at the tournament. Jaime defeated Ser Balon Swann. The day was one of Alton's proudest achievements and he was disappointed when he had to leave the field to eat at the periphery of the wedding feast.[1]

Season 3

A Riverrun traveller told Lord Bolton's men that he has seen Jaime Lannister fight in a tournament at Willem Frey's wedding.[2]

Season 7 

He is supposedly murdered, along with his other male family members, by Arya Stark, in retaliation for the Red Wedding.[3]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is a character named Willem Frey, but he is a young grandson of Lord Walder Frey, the second son of Ser Cleos Frey (the analogous character of Ser Alton Lannister) and Jeyne Darry. This "Willem Frey" is only ten years old, thus was never married. He serves as a page at Ashemark. He has not made an appearance in the books so far, only mentioned in the appendix.

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