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Wiki of Westeros

This page outlines the policies and guidelines that should be adhered to when adding images and pages or making changes to the Wiki.

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User behavior

  • Vandalism will not be tolerated and will always result in a block of varying severity depending on how major an admin judges the act to have been.

PLEASE SEE BLOCKING POLICY for more information.

  • Rudeness towards other users will result in a warning, and persistence will have to be met with punishment. This is a community, and things are a lot easier if everyone isn't insulting one another.
  • In case of an edit war, users are to discuss the issue between themselves either on the page's talk page or their own user talk pages. If a result cannot be agreed upon the incident may be mediated by another user, or an admin if the dispute still fails to reach a resolution. Pages may be locked until a consensus is reached or the issue is resolved by the show itself.
  • All comments (entries submitted to talk pages or the forum) are to be signed using four tildes (~~~~) so that commenters can be identified easily and without the need to peruse a page's history. This practice should not be carried onto main pages as "signing your work" is inappropriate for a wiki and does not conform to community standards.
  • Hate speech, particularly racist, homophobic or transphobic speech, will not be tolerated.


This is a wiki about the TV series

About GOT Main Page

Game of Thrones is a television series produced by HBO based on the A Song of Ice and Fire novels written by George R.R. Martin, debuting in April 2011. This wiki is specifically based on the television series and spoilers from the novels are not permitted.

For a wiki about the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, see Wikia's A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki or's A Wiki of Ice and Fire, but beware potential spoilers for the TV series.

This wiki is based on the Game of Thrones TV show and not the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. The two are separate entities with their own canon and continuities. What is true for one may not be true for the other. That being said, an "In the books" section will be included in pages for proper comparisons, as well as proper links to A Wiki of Ice and Fire. Some information, such as character names or identities may be derived from the books - particularly regarding unidentified background characters and extras - if and when the show provides no information on the subject.



A spoiler is a plot detail that has not been featured in an aired episode. Plot details from aired episodes are not spoilers and the wiki aims to be up to date with the latest episode so viewers who are not up to date are likely to find plot details that are new to them.

The TV series is based on a series of books that has not been completed yet. Since this is a Wiki about the TV series alone, no spoilers, events or characters from future books may be added to the Wiki until the TV series introduces them. In addition, even though all the events and plots of all the characters in the TV series are now past the the plots of all the characters in the books released so far, there are internet rumors and leaked episodes that are also considered spoilers and cannot be added to the Wiki until the TV series introduces them. Certainly the fate of major characters and the outcome of major storylines should not be revealed under any circumstances.

New editors contravening this policy in good faith should be made aware of it by placing Template:Spoiler Policy and an explanation on their talk page. The template reads:

Spoiler Policy Main Page

The Game of Thrones television series is an adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels but has deviated from them in some areas. In addition this wiki is meant for the enjoyment of watchers of the television series who do not have any knowledge of the books. For this reason, spoilers and events from the books are not permitted on entries on this Wiki. Information from the books can be added to entries once the TV series has reached the same point in the story. For book-specific information, please visit the Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Deliberate or persistent violations of the policy will be met with a block from editing, duration to be determined by an administrator but typically 1 year for violators who contribute nothing but spoilers.

Using official and American spellings

Although set in a land reminiscent of Medieval Europe, Game of Thrones is an American series based on an American sequence of books by an American author which uses American spellings throughout. As such, the correct spelling of words on the Wiki should be the American ("As High as Honor" for the Arryn motto, not "Honour", for example).

Also important is that the correct spellings of terms, names and terminology are used. So it's "khal", not "kahl", "Petyr Baelish" and not "Peter Baelish". If in doubt, check the HBO Viewer's Guide website.

Image policy and relationship with HBO

The use of official promotional HBO images is permitted under Fair Use, though if possible smaller images should be used rather than high-resolution ones.

The use of screencaps is specifically permitted for this Wiki by HBO, as long as we don't go overboard (i.e. drowning each page in screencaps where a couple will suffice) and as long as we understand that HBO reserve the right to ask us to remove specific or all screencaps at any time. Given the number of Wikis out there based on HBO shows with tons of screencaps, it is unlikely that this will ever be an issue.

New images should be uploaded with:

  1. A proper name/title for the image file, that pertains to the image itself.
  2. A description.
  3. A link to the image source or a description of its origin.
  4. A licensing tag.
  5. All applicable image categories.
  6. Please note: Try to only upload images to a page or blog, and make sure the image doesn't already exist on the wiki. If you feel like an existing image needs to be updated, use the "Upload a new version of this file" feature on the image's page. Pointless images floating about are counter-productive. If you are unable to use the aforementioned feature due to differing file types, feel free to contact an administrator or content moderator who will then review the new version and replace it.
  7. Only 3 warnings will be given, until a block will be given to your account.

Because this wiki is based on the World of Westeros TV franchise alone, the use of book-based illustrations unrelated to the TV franchise should be kept to the "In the books" sections of articles; clear permission must be secured for the use of these artworks, and the works of officially endorsed artists (such as those that worked on The World of Ice & Fire, ASOIAF calendars, etc.) are preferred over amateur fanart. Unless absolutely necessary, the "In the books" section should contain no more than one illustration.

We enjoy a cordial relationship with HBO at present. Anything that will threaten that relationship and the long-term future of the Wiki, such as publishing spam, illegal download links and so on, will not be tolerated.

Featured pages

We feature one page on the main page each month. There is a featured page nomination process for suggesting pages for this highlighting. The wiki has a featured page archive of past recipients.

Underage users

Game of Thrones is rated TV-MA, which means the series is meant for adults. Any user under the age of 18 will be unable to edit the Wiki of Westeros. We appreciate all the editors who help, but unfortunately we must take precautions when it comes to underage users editing on a more "adult" site.