Widow's Watch

A map showing the location of Widow's Watch on the continent of Westeros.

Widow's Watch is a castle in the North. It is the seat of House Flint of Widow's Watch, a vassal house holding fealty to House Stark of Winterfell. Widow's Watch is located on a peninsula extending into the northern mouth of the Bite. It is south-east of Winterfell.[1][2]


Season 4

Widow's Watch is seen on a map of the North that Roose Bolton has in the Dreadfort, when he is pointing at Moat Cailin to the west.[3]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Widow's Watch is in the same location. It is the stronghold of arguably the more powerful of the two cadet branches of House Flint, the other branch being based at Flint's Finger.


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