"Your brother was the coward. You should've seen him squeal, when Gryff gutted him like a pig."
―The soldier to Asher Forrester on Rodrick Forrester's death[src]
This soldier served Ludd Whitehill until his death at the Ambush at the Tuttle Farm.


"The Ice Dragon"

This soldier appears during the Ambush at Gared's farm. He isn't seen participating in the fight but is clearly a victim of it. When Beskha claims Gryff is a coward he speaks up, saying Rodrik was the coward and that Asher should have heard his screams. Asher has the option to repeatedly punch him in the face or leave him for dead. If Asher stayed behind the soldier appears at the gates of Ironrath to deliver a message to Rodrik by Gwyn, he then appears at the Battle of Ironrath showing he was killed by one of the Forrester soldiers.


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