"Look here! It's the new lord. Your in luck, we're just getting to the best part: little lord Ethan's final breath. Unless you want to play the Lord of House Forrester instead? "
―The soldier mocks Ethan Forrester's death to Rodrick Forrester[src]
This soldier is sworn to House Whitehill.


"Iron From Ice"

This soldier is first seen entering Ironrath's great hall with Ludd Whitehill and his soldiers

"The Lost Lords"

He briefly appears during Rodrik and Talia's walk to the great hall, taunting them both. He later appears when Lord Whitehill interrupts Rodrik's meeting with Elaena Glenmore.

"The Sword in the Darkness"

He is seen impersonating Ramsay Snow in an attempt to anger Rodrik and Elissa. He fakes stabbing another Whitehill in the throat, then turns on Rodrik asking if he wants to play the role of Lord instead. Rodrik has the opportunity to strike the soldier with a cup, but if he does Gryff uses this against him.

"Sons of Winter"

This soldier is along captured with the entire Whitehill garrison at Ironrath. A soldier identical to him is seen at Highpoint, but in the context of the story this is almost certainly a different person (and a reused model out of the context of the story).

"The Ice Dragon"

If Rodrik stayed behind, this soldier is present when Asher is about to wed Gwyn, but things go bad and this soldier is killed in an ambush by pit fighters and Forrester bannerman.

If Asher stayed behind he is seen in the Whitehill camp with Gryff and he follows him when he goes to kill Ryon.

If you follow Ludd he leaves with Gryff and he isn't seen anymore, leaving his fate unknown.

If you follow Gryff he is followed along with Gryff and a group of soldiers by Rodrik and Beskha, soon Rodrik engages in battle with them he kills the first soldier and then stabs this soldier in the chest killing him instantly.


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