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White Walker​ traveled to the Haunted Forest near Craster's Keep and seized Craster's last son.


Season 4

White Walker Oathkeeper with baby

The White Walker takes Craster's last son to the Lands of Always Winter, riding an undead wight-horse.

The White Walker travels to the Haunted Forest near Craster's Keep and seizes Craster's last son, who had been left out in the snow by Rast. He takes the child deep into the Lands of Always Winter, where he places him on an icy altar. The Night King then takes the baby and turns him into a White Walker.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Craster's wives are convinced that the baby boys given by Craster to the Others are, in turn, transformed into new Others. However, no such event has ever been witnessed in the books so far.


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