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Samwell Tarly: "But… you killed a White Walker."
Jon Snow: "With Longclaw. I saw them shatter steel axes like they were glass. But Longclaw…"
Samwell Tarly: "...Is Valyrian steel. How many Valyrian steel swords are left in the Seven Kingdoms?"
Jon Snow: "Not enough."
Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly discuss the abilities of Longclaw[src]
This White Walker was one of the Night King's lieutenants and one of the commanders of the growing wight army that marched on Hardhome, the last remaining wildling settlement.

He participated in the massacre at Hardhome during which he killed Loboda, the new Magnar of the Thenns, before he was killed by Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.


Season 5

During the attack on Hardhome, while Jon and Loboda search for a bag of dragon glass weapons inside a burning wildling hut, the White Walker gives chase, extinguishing the flames with his mere presence. Loboda tries to fight him to buy Jon time to retrieve the dragon glass but upon contact with the Walker's icy


The White Walker fights Jon Snow.

spear his axe shatters. Loboda is slain by the White Walker. Jon, though plainly outmatched, takes on the Walker with two ordinary swords but they shatter as well. Desperately scrambling away from the creature, Jon finds his sword, Longclaw, and reflexively raises it to block the Walker’s killing blow. However, instead of shattering, Longclaw successfully blocks the strike from the Walker's spear, which shocks them both. Capitalizing on the Walker's shock, Jon lands a blow on the White Walker, causing him to instantly shatter into a cloud of icy dust and fragments.[1]

His death is observed by the Night King, who continues to watch Jon with interest, having finally seen something approaching actual resistance to the White Walkers' march.[1]


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