Wes Tooke is a member of the writing staff on the House of the Dragon prequel TV series.


Wes Tooke previously worked closely with showrunner Ryan Condal on his prior TV series, Colony, for which he wrote 13 episodes.

He was born in New York, but raised in Boston. An avid baseball fan, he also enjoys hiking, skiing, and soccer. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

He has also written several young adult and adult novels (often involving baseball).

More recently, he wrote the screenplay for the 2019 war film Midway. He comes from a Navy family, as his paternal grandfather went to Annapolis, and worked on warship design teams during World War II.[1]

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House of the Dragon - Season 1

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  1. Wes Tooke, Midway: "Discovering My Grandfather’s Secret World War II Legacy", November 2019
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