"In Lys, He is the Weeping Lady, who sheds her tears for the living soon to die."
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The Weeping Woman is a deity worshiped in Lys, one of the Free Cities in Essos. Hers is one of several religions and cults popular in the city. She is sometimes also called the "Weeping Lady".[1]

She is depicted carrying a bowl filled by tears. Idols of the Weeping Woman trickle tears which fill the bowl.[2] She sheds her tears for the living who are soon to die.[1]


Season 5

Black and White Weeping Woman full statue

Full view of the statue of the Weeping Woman: it holds a bowl in its hands, to collect the falling tears.

A statue of the Weeping Woman is among the idols present at the House of Black and White. The Faceless Men believe that the Weeping Woman is just one of the "faces" of the Many-Faced God.[2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Weeping Woman is also known as the Weeping Lady of Lys. The statue of the Weeping Lady found in the House of Black and White is made of marble and is 12 feet tall. It is commonly visited by old women.

The Lord of Light religion is the largest in Lys, though numerous other local cults exist in sizable numbers. Aside from the Weeping Woman, a local love goddess is also very popular - so much that it is printed on Lysene coins, naked and wanton. It isn't clear if the love goddess and the Weeping Woman are part of the same religion or are from separate cults.

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