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"My lady, I would gladly fight the Imp's champion for you."
―Vardis Egen to Lysa Arryn[src]

Ser Vardis Egen was the captain of the guards at the Eyrie.



Vardis Egen was captain of Jon Arryn's personal guard in King's Landing and then became captain of the guards in the Eyrie for Robin Arryn and his mother, Lysa Arryn. He is a knight of some reputation, but is no longer a young man.

Season 1

Vardis leads the group of knights who meet Catelyn and her prisoner Tyrion before she enters the Eyrie. Lysa orders Tyrion imprisoned in the sky cells.[1]

After spending some time in a sky cell, Tyrion demands a trial by combat. Though many men offer to fight as Lysa's champion, she asks Ser Vardis to represent House Arryn, and he accepts. In the ensuing duel, he is killed and thrown through the Moon Door by Bronn.

Vardis is thrown through the Moon Door.

Lysa snaps angrily to Bronn that he didn't fight with honor. The sellsword agrees, before pointing to the Moon Door and noting that Ser Vardis did, which is effectively what got him killed.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Vardis Egen is an extremely loyal servant and retainer of House Arryn. He had been the captain of the guard when Jon Arryn was Hand of the King. He is described as heavy, square, plain-faced, silver-haired, and having no humor. He has one young son.

In the battle with Bronn, Vardis loses not only because he is a bit older and slower than Bronn, but also because Lysa gives him Jon Arryn's great sword to defend the honor of the House, which is a heavier and unfamiliar blade.

In contrast to the show, Bronn kills Vardis without pushing him out of the Moon Door (which is set in the wall, not in the floor).

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