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Accents in non-English dubs

I'm interested in how non-English dubs represent different accents within the story:

Westeros basically has three for the Common Tongue:

  • "Standard" Common Tongue accent, for the Andal-dominated kingdoms of southern Westeros (including the Iron Islands). Uses a standard, southern England accent.
  • "First Men accent" - the North at Winterfell and the wildlings beyond the Wall both speak like this, in a northern England accent (Westeros is fantasy-Britain, both are from "the north"). Wildlings have the same accent due to their shared descent from the First Men.
  • Dornish accent - from the Rhoynar. A "Spanish" accent.

There are also upper-class and lower-class accents, between the aristocracy and the working classes: aristocrats like the Lannisters or Tyrells speak in refined "Received Pronunciation" English (like what would be heard at the royal court in London). Working class people like Davos, Gendry, etc. speak more loosely, with grammar errors ("Working class accents" like Cockney English or Estuary English).

I just updated with some info about the German dub accents:

Interestingly, the German dub doesn't try to officially show a difference between a northern and southern England accent: people in the North talk like people in King's Landing (though they use more slang terms). German doesn't have "accents" so much as "regional dialects" so this wasn't a difference that was easy to portray.

Some people from outside of Westeros also use specific accents.

How do they represent regional or class accents in the other language dubs you've seen? --The Dragon Demands (talk) 21:21, August 13, 2017 (UTC)


there is a theory that the peasant with whom he spoke was in fact a faceless who took his place to be executed by arya

- she seems to say to littlefinger "time has counted on her"

- she gives him a piece of bravos similar to the one that arya received for his training

- moreover warned himself even littlefinger about the threat to him, it would have been surprising considering the person that he does nothing. Rise akainu (talk) 12:07, March 25, 2018 (UTC)

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