Excellent work!

That's a really good idea - categorising characters by allegiance, and such. The category structure on this wiki has needed an overhaul for a long time but we've all just been too busy with other projects... however, I would suggest that you stagger your efforts somewhat - just do one house at a time, and so forth - otherwise the recent activity feed is liable to get bogged down, which makes patrolling for vandalism hard. Keep up the good work regardless! - Xanderen signature 15:28, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you very much Ser! Well, I've finished "House Stark" save for Jon Snow and Catelyn. They are both protected so I can not edit them but they both belong in "Members of House Stark". And yes, it was in dire need of cleaning, and my OCD demanded that I be the one to do it. As you say, I will not attempt to do more than one house at a time.--Thaenys (talk) 19:50, April 10, 2017 (UTC)
Since there appears to be no objection thus far by any of my fellow mods, I've added Jon and Catelyn to "Members of House Stark".--Shaneymike (talk) 02:50, April 11, 2017 (UTC)
Thank you for the assistance, Sers. I've completed Bolton and Umber today already, but as these are fairly minor houses with not many members I will see if I can finish a few more, taking regular intervals of 1-2 hours so things don't get too crazy.--Thaenys (talk) 09:42, April 11, 2017 (UTC)

New Infobox Design

Please stop revising the infobox design. At this time, we are not going to revise each and every character info box. We are still working towards consistent design across the wiki without starting to update the design for each and every character infobox.

Admin, Ser Shield McShield (talk) 21:02, April 17, 2017 (UTC)


I'll be honest - I have no idea how these things work. Can you give us a brief rundown of the process please? - Xanderen signature 09:37, April 19, 2017 (UTC)

So... where do we stand with this? - Xanderen signature 09:41, April 24, 2017 (UTC)
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