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Badge hunting

1 - I can tell you are badge hunting; rapidly making many minor, meaningless edits (like adding "and" or "then") in an obvious attempt to score more wikipoints. This is severely punished.

2 - ...You're also just wasting your time. The badges are on a graduated scale. The first few are easy to get so you can see how the system works, one badge for making 10 edits, but it goes up to every 100 edits, then every 250 edits before too long.

So you see, if you keep badge hunting like this, you will eventually hit a wall of diminishing returns, and only succeed in annoying everyone with your lack of etiquette with little to show for it. So it's in your own interest not to do that.

Really the best way to get the badges and stuff is to just edit consistently.

In order to write, one must read. Just read through individual articles and fix up genuine spelling or grammar errors as you encounter them. Don't try to fix a problem that doesn't exist - we kind of have a lot of stuff that needs proofreading anyway.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 06:34, November 14, 2016 (UTC)

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