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Hi, welcome to Game of Thrones Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Talk:Mockingbird page.

We welcome all contributions to the Wiki but please be aware of the following simple rules:

1) This wiki is meant for the Game of Thrones TV series and the TV alone. Spoilers from the novels are not permitted at all. Discussion of earlier events in the novels and the use of non-spoiler background material from the novel as regards specific events, characters and places in the TV series are allowed (in the 'In the books' section of an article) but future events cannot be discussed.

2) This wiki has specific permission from HBO's marketing department to use a reasonable number of promotional images and screencaps from the series to illustrate articles. The use of other copyrighted images is not permitted without either specific permission or fair use attributions. For example, this Wiki cannot use Amoka's portrait images or Ted Nasmith's castle pictures as these are copyrighted. In addition, the Wiki is focused on the TV series and TV series alone. Images from other media should be avoided without a very good cause.

Enjoy your editing and please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! The Boy Who Cried Direwolf (talk) 12:34, May 30, 2014 (UTC)

Please stop making articles with generic names like "Sailor" and "Slaver", even if that's how they're officially credited: the way that works is to call them "Sailor (The Red Woman)" or "Bolton Guard (The Red Woman)".

--The Dragon Demands (talk) 14:29, May 3, 2016 (UTC)

Hello! Thanks for adding shield icons to characters but please use the larger "main-shield" versions instead. The template will automatically size the shield to its proper size so the shield-icon and main-shield will look exactly the same. Even so, the shield-icons are being phased out since they are redundant to the main-shield versions. We are moving to one version for each shield so that if a shield gets updated, it automatically gets updated everywhere that it is used. As you will notice, there are a few versions of the shields being used but they are slowly being replaced one by one with main-shield.

Please note, the personal sigils such as the one for Blackfish as well as some for specific Targaryens do get added to the shield-icon category. Feel free to use those as appropriate. Same thing for some of the more unusual symbols for the Great Masters, the Faceless Men, Iron Bank, maesters and probably a couple more I cannot remember right now.

Regards Ser Shield McShield (talk) 21:01, May 3, 2016 (UTC)

Just realized a link to the main-shields might be helpful - use these:

Ser Shield McShield (talk) 21:02, May 3, 2016 (UTC)

Citadel Maester's Names?

I see that you renamed Citadel Maester #1 and #2 - what is your source for the name Sanhu? On IMBd, his character is listed simply as Citadel Maester.

Thanks, Ser Shield McShield (talk) 03:02, September 8, 2017 (UTC)

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