Arya 1x09

Screen capture of episode 9

Darn! Only one more episode to go... Such a pity, I've grown to be very fond of GoT, and every week I found myself looking forward to seeing the next episode. It's a pity that the season only contains ten episodes and not 20+, as many other series do. However, the TV adaptation manages to capture not only the characters but also the actual developments of the book very well in such a limited amount of episodes. I'm reading the first book of the series, and to my surprise almost everything that's in the book ended up on the screen as well. In that respect, the series is probably the best adaptation I've ever come across.

Does anybody know when the next season will air? Will that be April 2012?

Also, I wonder whether I should read the other books before or after they will be screened. But considering my new addiction to GoT, chances are that I'll end up reading all the books before the next season starts. I can postpone going cold turkey until after I've finally read all five books :)

regards, KS