The last few weeks I've been rewatching season 1 and reading the first book of George RR Martin, anticipating the new season. Finally it has premiered it's first episode of the second season.

The season contains lots of fresh faces, and I was looking forward to see Carice van Houten in the role of Melisandre. Sadly enough I was a bit dissapointed by her performance, but still eager to see how her role will develop over time. Cool trick with the wine though.

Last season I was happy there was finally happening something at the Wall, and not just another image of a freezing Jon Snow. Now they're on the other side I'm curious of what will come. It didn't reveal much, just some more incest in the series.

Last season Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister was great. To see him having some sort of control over his sister was amazing.

(Directed at Cersei) "It must be odd for you, to be the dissapointing child." - Tyrion Lannister

Seeing Daenerys struggle shows that a few dragons don't solve everything. She tries to keep it all together, sending of three man with the remaining horses. I can't wait to see the full grown dragons, but I've got the feeling that won't be for the next few episodes.

Joffrey has only grown more annoying and even Cersei realises that she created a monster. Only bad can come of him being king. My guess is that he won't be king for long, with all the rising rivals around him.

Joe Dempsie was my favorite actor in the series Skins. When I saw him last season as Gendry Waters I hoped we would be seeing more of him, and the last episode did give us that impression. So seeing him in the first episode of season 2 was my personal highlight in the episode. I also love the fact that he is currently with Arya Stark, and the threat of the City Watch hunting him down and the possible discover of Arya.

I'm glad Game of Thrones is back on the air. Good episode introducing new faces and remind us of the characters of Season 1. Can't wait till next week!