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Hey there Game of Thrones fans-

In honor of the Season 4 premiere, here is the ultimate Game of Thrones party guide. Invite a few of your friends over, fill the room with candles, stock up on bottles of wine, and prepare this feast fit for a king (yes, even Joffrey would approve).

If you have any more Game of Thrones themed recipes in mind, add them in the comments below!

Dig into this Bowl of brown to start off your Game of Thrones feast. If you really want to stay true to the show, replace the beef with some rat or pigeon meat (don't worry, I'm only kidding).


We were inclined to put a Stallion heart heart on the menu, but we decided that that honor is reserved for Khaleesi. Instead, enjoy this Honeyed Chicken, which we actually made last year for the Wikia's Game of Thrones Food Fiction Feast (it's delicious, trust me).


In honor of Greywind, the Direwolf who lost its life in the last season, you should make these Direwolf scones to accompany your meal. The House Stark would be proud.


Sweet lemon cakes, only to be enjoyed by the upper class, are Sansa Stark's favorite dessert. Go ahead, sit on a feather pillow and sip a cup of tea while daintily nibbling at these lemon cakes.


Ommegang Brewery released its official Game of Thrones beer on March 31, which of course is made entirely out of ice, fire, and blood (at least it looks like it). This dark red beer is a Pilsner with a fruity malt and spicy finish.

If you aren't a beer fan, you can always have Cersei's "fruit salad" (made of mostly grapes...fermented grapes...okay, fine, it's wine).

Which food/drink do you want to try?

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If you're looking for a little more inspiration, here is a fun find: The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook.

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