Hi everyone. This is AdamantiumBladez here to tell anyone who is intrested with Fanfiction based on the world created by GRRM, without the hassle you get on I have recently created a wiki site that anyone can add to with less need to upload written work, and it also includes features you can do yourself. It's called Westeros Fanfiction Wiki and its open to any user of any wiki as long as your ideas are ok to be shared with everyone.

In addition, the site will also feature an 'Article of the Month' which I will reward a story, a song, a character, or a house which I see as very well thought up and presented and will recieve an infobox on their article so that everyone will know that it was chosen cause it was great work.

If you wish to join,follow the link on the name nearing the end of the first paragraph.

Hope to hear from you.