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My name is Owen. I hope to make this wiki a comprehensive guide to the show. I'm a relative latecomer and the existing content when I joined in October 2011 was already very impressive. I've compiled a list of projects I'm working on and things I've completed below.

I'm a huge fan of the show and the book series. As with the wiki I was a bit slow to discover the books - I did not read the books until 2010 when HBO began promoting the show. I became an admin here in February 2012 and was a bureaucrat when I was editing frequently in the early 2010s. I've started a family and my editing time is much reduced nowadays but I'm still pleased to be part of the team of editors building the content here.

To do


  • Check new images and ensure all images have a category, license, description and source. Aim weekly. Last done 14 October 2012. Next due 21 October 2012.
  • Nominate something as a featured article candidate four weekly. Check Special:Mostvisitedpages if inspiration is needed. Place Template:FAC on the articles talk page and include it in the next FA nomination poll. Last done 29 September 2012. Due on 27 October 2012.
  • Featured article selection four weekly. Update Featured Article nominations and Template:Featured Article selection poll. Last done 29 September. Due on 27 October 2012.
  • Update Template: Episodes weekly from the season 3 premiere until the finale. Next due March 31 2013.


  • Try creating a list of site milestones and asking for help.
  • Create Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD/Blu-Ray splitting the relevant section from Season 1.
  • Work on changing the themes and images for our badges.
  • Create character portals for organizations using images.
  • Overhaul Noble house pages and achieve a consistent formatting with referenced sections about appearances as per the example of House Lannister
  • Template out the Season 1 episode synopses to match the episodes table to the individual articles.
  • Start Episodes.
  • Add writers and directors to the episodes table.
  • Overhaul the cast articles to give more information about their work aside from the show.

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Completed goals:

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See my profile at community central.