Note: This character profile is based on my Game of Thrones Ascent account.

Lord Bomb Bardo is the Lord of Tarsington Fort and the Head of House Bardo. He is the fosterling of Rolfe and Lady Moore, cousin of Kirth and father of Jayne.


Bomb Bardo is the fosterling of Rolfe and Lady Moore. He is also the father of Jayne Bardo and widower. Bomb was granted lordship after ending the slave trade in Westeros during King Robert's rule. He is close to his daughter and his advisors, Rona Grey, Simon Groat, Ser Hugo Flint and Alvyn.

House Bardo

House Bardo is a noble house in Westeros. It holds Tarsington Fort, a former slave-keep, as its castle-seat. It is currently led by Lord Bomb Bardo.

The Bardo's sigil is a red snake on a black and light gray field with a white border. Their motto is, "By Poison, By Flames, By Sword".

Sworn Swords

This is the list of the recruits sworn to serve Lord Bardo and his house:

  • Helpful Annara Lefford
  • Megga Lefford
  • Praed Greenfield
  • Cressen Swann
  • Moreo Emmon
  • Hanna Manderly
  • Timmet Florent
  • Sharna Mooton
  • Travelled Leo Sparr
  • Quincy Blacktyde
  • Lewys Greenbeard
  • Wise Torvyn Hunter
  • Furious Guthor Byrch
  • Pod Beesbury
  • Symond Tumitis
  • Wallgrave Cleftjaw
  • Braod Satin Waynwood
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