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"Do you like it, Nana?"
―Tyrell lady to Olenna Tyrell[src]

A lady of House Tyrell is apparently a granddaughter of Olenna Tyrell, one of Queen Margaery's cousins from a lesser branch of House Tyrell, and her handmaiden. She would have attended the trial in the Great Sept since she was a handmaid to Margaery, and therefore killed in its destruction.



She is apparently a granddaughter of Olenna Tyrell, one of Margaery's cousins from a lesser branch of House Tyrell.

Season 3

She is seated in the gardens of King's Landing with her grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell and another girl embroidering a golden Tyrell rose with their motto, "Growing Strong", which prompts Olenna to criticize her embroidery before complaining about House Tyrell's "dull" words, comparing them to that of House Stark and House Greyjoy, before observing that there is "a spider in the garden". When Varys approaches, Olenna shoos them away with the mocking advice to "grow strong".[1]

Season 6

Ser Loras Tyrell, his father Mace Tyrell, and his sister, Queen Margaery Tyrell, attend his trial at the Great Sept of Baelor. They eventually discover that they have been caught in a trap set up by Cersei Lannister, shortly before the Great Sept burns to the ground with wildfire, immediately killing everyone present, including Margaery and, presumably, her handmaidens, who were likely with her. This single act ends up almost entirely wiping out House Tyrell, which prompts a broken Lady Olenna to state that Cersei destroyed "her future". This likely indicates that all of Olenna's descendants and the distant relatives of House Tyrell would have been in the sept when it was destroyed and perished along with Margaery.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Margaery Tyrell arrives in King's Landing to wed King Joffrey Baratheon accompanied by three handmaidens, Elinor Tyrell, Megga Tyrell, and Alla Tyrell. The girls are all daughters of different cadet branches of House Tyrell. Elinor Tyrell is the only one of the three to have reached puberty. Both of the ladies seen in "And Now His Watch Is Ended", as well as the two attending Lady Margaery in "Valar Dohaeris" are obviously adults, so that particular detail appears to have been ignored. Their relationship to Margaery might be the same, however, since these two refer to Olenna as "nana", this presumably means she is their grandmother - or at least, a relative close enough to think she can use the term. In the books, Olenna only has one other granddaughter beside Margaery: Desmera Redwyne, the daughter of Mina Tyrell and Paxter Redwyne (Olenna's daughter and first cousin respectively).

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