"I didn't see anyone help him!"
―The prisoner to the Tickler[src]
A Tortured prisoner is tortured to death at Harrenhal during Arya Stark's residency there.



Season 2

He is captured by the forces of Ser Gregor Clegane and imprisoned at Harrenhal. He sees his fellow captives tortured to death after being chosen by Ser Gregor and comes to believe that he will not be chosen if he stares directly at Ser Gregor while he selects the days victim. He is proven wrong when Ser Gregor chooses him and he is tortured to death by the Tickler and Weasel. A rat is trapped against his chest in a metal bucket and provoked into burrowing free by heating the bucket. His head is mounted on a spike on the stockade in Harrenhal.[1]


Season Two appearances
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