"Torrhen serves Roose Bolton..."
Gwyn Whitehill to Rodrik Forrester[src]

Torrhen Whitehill is the second youngest son of Lord Ludd Whitehill and Lady Whitehill. He has two older brothers, Karl and Ebbert, a younger brother, Gryff, and a sister, Gwyn. Though Torrhen is Ludd's third son, he is first in line to inherit Highpoint due to Karl's death and Ebbert's profession as a maester.

If Ludd is killed at the Battle of Ironrath, then Torrhen becomes Lord of Highpoint after his father.


"Sons of Winter"

Torrhen is mentioned by his sister Gwyn to be currently in the company of Roose Bolton after Rodrik Forrester observes the Whitehill family tapestry at Highpoint before treating with Lord Whitehill. [1]

Family Tree

Ludd Tree
Ludd Whitehill
Lady Whitehill Tree
Lady Whitehill
Ebbert Whitehill Tree
Karl Whitehill
Karl Whitehill Tree
Ebbert Whitehill
Torrhen Whitehill Tree
Torrhen Whitehill
Gwyn Tree
Gwyn Whitehill
Gryff Tree
Gryff Whitehill


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