Tommy Dunne is a film and television armorer from Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland. He is the weapons master for Game of Thrones. He has also worked on the HBO World War II miniseries The Pacific and Band of Brothers and the preceding feature film Saving Private Ryan with executive producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. He worked on the films The Mask of Zorro, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, V For Vendetta, Blood Diamond, The Bourne Ultimatum, Charlie Wilson's War and Your Highness. He was the armorer for the Iraq War miniseries Occupation.

Tommy Dunne made an uncredited appearance as Tommy the Winterfell barber in Season 1's "Winter Is Coming" (a role which still involved the "use" of a blade). He later made another uncredited cameo in Season 4's "Two Swords", as the Valyrian sword smith who reforges Ned Stark's greatsword Ice.

See "Armament" for an overview of weapons in the TV series; "Costumes" also contains information about weapons props in the TV series and quotes from Dunne, because weapons are considered an extension of a character's costumes.

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