The tokar is the traditional clothing of the aristocrats and wealthy citizens of the Ghiscari cities of Slaver's Bay.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the tokar is a a long, loose, shapeless sheet that must be wound around hips and under an arm and over a shoulder to keep it on. It is wrapped this way to carefully display the dangling fringes which are usually adorned with some decoration, typically gold or pearls . If wound too loose, the tokar might unravel and fall off. If it is wound too tight, it might tangle and trip the wearer. Even if wound properly the wearer must hold the tokar in place with their left hand and walking requires small steps and great balance to prevent tripping and falling. The point of the garment is to show that the wearer is powerful and wealthy enough that he or she doesn't require to perform any kind of manual labor.

The tokar, like many over-the-top Ghiscari cultural features, has been altered for the series; a garment that is functionally impossible to wear wouldn't look particularly impressive on TV. The TV version of the garment is clearly more complicated than it needs to be, but doesn't make the Masters look ridiculous. Another change is that Daenerys takes to wearing to the tokar at official functions to be taken seriously. The TV series omits this, instead giving her a largely white wardrobe with Targaryen details, since the TV version of Dany is more resistant to preserving Meereenese traditions.

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