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Ti Mikkel[a] is a member of the writing staff on House of the Dragon, acting as a researcher and keeper of lore.[1]


She came to House of the Dragon from George R.R. Martin's own Fevre River Packet Company, where she'd served as a writer's assistant, helped in the development of a series of short films Martin hoped to produce, and was spearheading the development of Martin's Tuf Voyaging as a TV series.[2]

As of 2019, Mikkel has been working as a writer's assistant to George R.R. Martin on the A Song of Ice & Fire series itself. She is also working on her own novel.

As Martin's assistant, Mikkel serves as his representative in Ryan Condal's writers' room and overall "keeper of lore." As such, she was part of discussions and credited as a writer but wasn't credited with writing a specific episode script.




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  1. "Ti Mikkel" is pronounced "Tea" (like the drink) "Mick-elle" (as it is spelled).