• Someone has changed many heraldry templates, including Jon's right sigil being Night's Watch again, Sansa's being Bolton, Jaime's being Kingsguard, their argument was that a sigil shouldn't appear twice unless it's the only one. I thought the rule was that FORMER allegiences go in the middle.

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    • No, that's a misconception. The right hand shield doesn't mean that the character belongs to that faction now, although they often do.

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    • We've been playing that a bit loose, but didn't want to get carried away; Theon should now just be Greyjoy, and Sansa now just Stark - any changes they went through are over now.

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    • Just for further clarification, is there somewhere the rules for these heraldry templates are written?

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    • We've been having a long running discussion about it (ack)

      Generally, we copy what A Wiki of Ice and Fire does.

      Usually we make the right hand heraldry different in the case of marriage.

      Very rarely, we use it to show a change in faction allegiance.

      Theon (who switches sides multiple times) and Sansa (forced to marry Tyrion) are actually VERY exceptional, the most problematic ones on the whole wiki, and not "typical" examples at all.

      Even the Admins have running discussions about what to do with Theon or Sansa....just steer clear of those.

      Thankfully, complex examples like that are kind of rare, so just copy the format you see in other articles and we'll course correct if anything you do doesn't match.

      Don't worry about it - it drives us crazy too :)

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    • We still need to decide what we're doing about the White Walker symbol thingy... I'm still of the opinion that it should be scrapped entirely, and not replaced with anything else White Walkers don't use heraldry in Westerosi context.

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    • What about the Free Folk heraldry? That one always kind of confused me. It is present on the HBO Viewer Guide, but I'm pretty sure the wildlings don't use heraldry in-universe, unless I've missed it... even if they did, I'd imagine different tribes using different banners, but I doubt wildling tribes would use banners in the first place. Is that just some canon out-of-universe exception because of the Viewer Guide or something else?

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    • Yeah, that's exactly right. And if we are going for a purely in-universe take on things then it probably should be removed. The same would also have to be true for the Brotherhood Without Banners, though...

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    • We need to get back to this...

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    • Soon...

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    • Oh god I need to get to this...

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