"In those days, the Starks were not the greatest house in the North, and Winterfell was not the greatest castle. Barrowton was the oldest, dating to the First King, and the Starks fought the Barrow Kings for a thousand years."
Roose Bolton[src]

The Thousand Years War was a conflict before the Unification of the North which was fought between the Kings of Winter of House Stark and the Barrow Kings of the Barrowlands.[1]

In the books

In A Song of Ice and Fire, the conflict dubbed by singers as the Thousand Years War was probably a series of separate conflicts in a span of two hundred years. It finally ended when the last Barrow King surrendered to Winterfell and gave his daughter to the Stark king for marriage. Afterward, the Barrowlands became ruled by House Dustin, bannermen to the Starks that boast descent from the Barrow Kings.

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