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"The Sack of King's Landing - House Baratheon"[3] is the seventeenth short of the first season of Histories & Lore. It is the seventeenth short of the series overall. It was released on March 6, 2012 in Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season. It was narrated by Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon and written by Bryan Cogman.


Robert Baratheon tells the story of how his victory was finally secured, and how the crimes of the Targaryen Dynasty were finally washed from Westeros in a sea of blood.[3]


Robert Baratheon: For our rebellion to succeed, King's Landing had to be taken, forcefully. No one was foolish enough to believe that Aerys was gonna hand his crown over peacefully. The Mad King's reign needed to end. What Tywin Lannister's forces did was unfortunate, but it was necessary to secure the Iron Throne, and bring peace and justice to the Seven Kingdoms.

My glorious victory at the Trident left me wounded, but I sent my personal maester to attend to Ser Barristan Selmy instead; his wounds were more severe. Even though Ser Barristan was a member of Aerys's Kingsguard and fought on the opposing side, that man's bravery and loyalty were something to behold.

But this meant my wounds would take longer to heal and I couldn't ride to King's Landing myself. I sent the one man I trusted over anyone else in this world, Ned Stark, in my place. Had I been able to ride, perhaps I could have reached King's Landing sooner and prevented some of the violence that occurred when the Lannisters entered the city. Still, what Lord Tywin did was for the greater good.

Even what happened to Princess Elia and her children. Babies or no, theirs was the same cursed blood that flowed within the Mad King's veins. They were dragonspawn and couldn't be allowed to survive. What would they grow to be? Loyal subjects?

Ned, with his damn northern honor. He and I had our first major fight over the deaths of the Targaryen children. Ned called it murder. Murder!? It was war!... It was war...

Lord Stark demanded that the Lannisters be held responsible for their crimes. Was it a crime to put an end to a family of lunatics born of incest? I wouldn't - and still won't - blame Tywin. Instead, I sent Ned Stark south to finish off the remaining Targaryen loyalists.

It was only Lyanna Stark's death that reconciled us. Ned had lost his sister. I had lost my betrothed and beloved. We shared that sad bond together, Ned and I. Through it, our friendship was made strong again.

As for the Mad King's surviving heirs... those that were able to scurry away in the face of my fury now live somewhere across the Narrow Sea.

They had best stay there. If they ever set foot in Westeros again, they will face the king's justice.








Behind the scenes[]

  • This is the second of four shorts on the Sack of King's Landing.
  • Robert comments about Rhaegar's children "theirs was the same cursed blood that flowed within the Mad King's veins". The same thought passed through Jaime's mind when Roland Crakehall asked him about proclaiming a new king: for a moment, Jaime considered either Viserys or baby Aegon; however, when he looked down at Aerys's body, he thought "His blood is in both of them" (A Storm of Swords, Jaime II).


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