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The Maiden.

"The Maiden symbolizes purity, love, and beauty."
Catelyn Stark[src]

The Maiden​ is an aspect of the Seven. She represents purity, love, and beauty. Like the other gods, a giant statue of her stood in the Great Sept of Baelor in King's Landing, next to the Mother and opposite the Stranger. The statue was destroyed when the Sept was blown up with wildfire, shattering into bits.


In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Maiden represents innocence and chastity. She is usually prayed to to protect a maiden's virtue.

A passage in The Seven-Pointed Star says that the Maiden brought him fourth a girl as supple as a willow with eyes like deep blue pools, and Hugor of the Hill declared that he would have her for his bride.

The Seven-Pointed Star is divided into gospel-like sections, such as the Maiden's Book, also called The Book of the Maiden.

Legend says that Ser Galladon of Morne's valor was so great the Maiden fell in love with him. She gave him an enchanted sword, the Just Maid, to demonstrate her love for him.

While in a nameless village, Catelyn Stark prays in a sept that is modest and has no statues of the Seven, only rough charcoal drawings to represent them. She goes to the Maiden and beseeches her to lend her courage to Arya and Sansa, to guard them in their innocence.

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