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This article is about the episode. For the species, see: Ice dragon

"The Ice Dragon" is the sixth and final episode of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. It was released on November 17, 2015 for PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS & Android. It was written by Andrew Grant and directed by Kent Mudle.


Your story is about to come to an epic conclusion. With House Whitehill tightening its grip on Ironrath at the behest of Ramsay Bolton, the remaining Forresters must give their all to save the family, whether through diplomacy, subterfuge, or violent force. In the frozen wilds beyond the Wall, Gared learns the secrets of the mysterious North Grove, and Mira discovers that political games in a King's Landing controlled by Cersei Lannister often involve the highest stakes of all.

What is the fate of House Forrester? When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Your choices, your story: you decide.


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Beyond the Wall

Gared Tuttle is seen climbing a tree, trying to get a better vantage point. He analyzes the map to the North Grove, and looks up in the night sky to see that the "Ice Dragon" is actually a constellation. Right below the stars is what appears to be a towering grove of ironwood trees. Gared climbs back down and informs Cotter and Sylvi. However, Sylvi reveals that Cotter is in a lot of pain, and his infected wound has only gotten worse. Gared helps Sylvi find some nightshade, so she can make essence of nightshade to ease Cotter's pain. However, the group is then ambushed by a vicious snow bear. They flee across a frozen river into a cave, which leads to the North Grove. There, Gared and his group are held at spear-point by several strange warriors. They appear to be controlled by a strange wildling and her brother, a warg who was controlling the snow bear. The siblings don't trust them, Gared and Cotter still being dressed as "crows" and Sylvi being a wildling. When Gared reveals he comes from House Forrester at the orders of Lord Gregor Forrester, the two wildlings stand down and reveal that they aren't wildlings at all: they are Josera Snow and Elsera Snow...the bastard children of Gregor Forrester.

Josera and Elsera explain that Gregor left them at the North Grove when they were young, to guard the North Grove for the coming winter. Elsera's warriors inform her that wights are closing in, so she and Josera ready to defend the North Grove. On their way, though their origins remain a mystery, Josera reveals that Elsera controls the warriors through blood magic. Sylvi comments that there is something unnatural about the North Grove and its warriors, and she warns Gared not to trust Elsera. The wights come, and the warriors prove to be effective at fighting the horde of the undead. If Finn was brought north of the Wall, he appears as a wight that tries to kill Gared. After the wights are defeated, Elsera orders the warriors back to the grove. One warrior appears to be unable to hear her, so she gets close and repeats her command. The warrior becomes hostile and tries to kill her, but she manages to regain control. Josera reveals that Elsera's bloodmagic is dangerous, and her control is beginning to slip.

Back at the grove, the warriors have been tending to Cotter's injury, but despite their best efforts, Elsera and Sylvi both conclude that he is dying. Elsera refuses to let Sylvi see Cotter, and insists that only Gared may come. Thus, Sylvi gives Gared the nightshade they found earlier, to poison Cotter and give him a quick and painless death. Inside the North Grove, Elsera reveals that she intends to use Cotter to strengthen her bloodmagic, by using a ritual that involves cutting out his still-beating heart. If Gared chooses to use the power of the North Grove and help Elsera's ritual, he cuts open Cotter's chest. Extracting the heart, he squeezes the drops of blood into a nearby fire, and the warriors seem to be affected. Elsera pronounces the ritual a success, and her hold over the warriors is stronger than ever. If Gared poisons Cotter, one of the warriors breaks free of Elsera's control, forcing her to kill it.

Afterwards, the group burns Cotter's body to prevent it from being reanimated. Sylvi looks at Gared with either sorrowful approval or barely-contained anger (depending on how Gared dealt with Cotter). Josera announces his intention to march south to Ironrath, to help reclaim his father's home. Elsera scolds Josera for wanting to abandon the North Grove and their mission, pointing out that Ironrath likely has already fallen. They leave the decision up to Gared. If Gared decides they will march south, the group is shown marching away from the North Grove, with an army of the North Grove's warriors. If Gared decides to stay and protect the North Grove, the group is seen with the warriors planting ironwood torches around the North Grove, preparing for the onslaught of the White Walkers.

In King's Landing

Mira Forrester is about to enter Lady Margaery Tyrell's room, but she hears Margaery scolding and Sera crying. Margaery has learned that Sera stole Queen Cersei's wine, and is furious that Sera would jeopardize Margaery's position like that. If Mira took the House Tyrell seal, Margaery suspects Sera of having stolen it.

In the North

Depending on who was left behind at the ambush, either Lord Rodrik Forrester or Asher Forrester leads the pit fighters and what remains of House Forrester's men back to Ironrath. Rodrik mourns with Beskha for Asher, while Asher flees for his life from and fights off the pursuing Whitehill men.

Back at Ironrath, the Forrester household is shocked to hear of the other brother's death. Elaena Glenmore, if she slept with Rodrik, howls with grief at Rodrik's death. If Rodrik survived, he must convince the pit fighters to fight for him, as they had swore to fight for Asher...not his brother. If Asher survived, the Sentinel declares Asher the new Lord of House Forrester. The Forresters are interrupted by the forces of House Whitehill at the gates. If Rodrik survived, they are there to demand Rodrik surrender Ironrath and present himself for execution. If Asher survived, Lord Whitehill boasts that he has already won Ramsay's "game", because Rodrik was the lord and Asher is an exile with no claim. When Rodrik refuses Ludd's demands, Lord Whitehill has Ryon present Asher's head on a pike, and orders an attack. With Asher, Lord Whitehill proposes a compromise: Asher can be Lord of House Forrester and the Forresters can keep Ironrath...if they swear fealty to House Whitehill and Asher marries Gwyn Whitehill (thus making a Whitehill the heir to Ironrath). Both brothers come up with a plan. Rodrik decides to take the pit fighters out through the postern gate and sneak around to Ludd's main encampment along a secret forest trail. Asher decides to either poison Ludd or ambush the Whitehill men at the "engagement party".

Rodrik sneaks into the Whitehill camp, and overhears Ludd ordering Gryff Whitehill to kill Ryon, as punishment for Rodrik's defiance. Rodrik is forced to choose between killing Lord Whitehill and saving Ryon.

If Rodrik chooses to save Ryon, He will follow Gryff with Beskha, Rodrik says to Beskha that he will take down Gryff and his men, while Beskha takes Ryon and escapes, Beskha agrees.

Rodrik shows up behind Gryff and pulls out the Forrester Greatsword, Gryff soldiers attack Rodrik but he easily takes them down, Gryff and Rodrik share a brief duel in which Rodrik gets stabbed in the shoulder and shot by a crossbow bolt, Rodrik stabs Gryff in the leg and in the stomach, while he bleeds, Gryff begs Rodrik for mercy, the player can choose to behead him or let him bleed to death.

Rodrik then leaves the Whitehill camp with Amaya and the pit fighters

If Asher is alive he will invite Ludd and his men to Ironrath to celebrate his union with Gwyn.

In-game decisions

This list shows some of the choices made by players that are tracked by the game.

Did Mira tell Margaery the truth?

  • She told Margaery the truth and was dismissed - 61.3%
  • She lied to Margaery and Sera was dismissed - 38.7%

Did Mira accept Morgryn's proposal?

  • She agreed to marry him - 24.2%
  • She refused to marry him - 75.8%

How did Gared kill Cotter?

  • He gave him a merciful death - 39.6%
  • He used him in a blood sacrifice - 60.4%

Did Rodrik save Ryon or kill Lord Whitehill? (if Rodrik is alive)

  • He saved Ryon - 60.2%
  • He killed Lord Whitehill - 39.8%

How did Asher plan to deal with the Whitehills? (if Asher is alive)

  • Poisoned Lord Whitehill and Lady Forrester - 26%
  • Exposed the plan to poison Lord Whitehill - 15.9%
  • Ambushed the Whitehills - 45.3%
  • Tried to call off the plan - 12.8%

What did the North Grove's inhabitants decide?

  • They decided to stay in the North Grove - 51.7%
  • They decided to abandon the North Grove and head to Ironrath - 48.3%


This list shows the narrative consequences affected by choices from the previous episodes.

  • Rodrik/Asher will appear in this episode if the other was killed at the harbor.
    • If Asher survived, he will become the new Lord of Ironrath. During the siege, the Whitehills will give back the mutilated body of Rodrik, as a prelude to negotiations. Moreover the Whitehills will propose Asher to marry Gwyn if he was to bend the knee. During the negotiations in Ironrath, Asher will have the choice between poisoning Ludd or prepare an ambush, resulting in either Ludd or Gryff's death accordingly.
    • If Rodrik survived, he will return to Ironrath where, at the beginning of the siege, he will be taunted by the Whitehills and their army, Asher's head being seen on a pike. Infiltrating the Whitehill's camp during the night, Rodrik will have the choice between attacking the Whitehill mastermind, Ludd, or going after Gryff to save Ryon.
  • Bloodsong will appear in this episode if he was spared by Asher.
  • Duncan/Royland will appear in this episode if he was made Sentinel or was imprisoned by Rodrik.
    • If the traitor was imprisoned then they escape Ironrath with Talia and manage to find Rodrik/Asher, if the traitor was killed then the sentinel does this instead.
    • If Asher survived and didn't attack the Whitehills during negotiations, then it will be Gwyn who does this instead, and if Rodrik killed the traitor, the sentinel will have an unknown state in this version.
  • If Rodrik didn't kill the traitor, she will be horrified at her actions of the last time seeing her brother she stormed out of the room. If he killed him, she will be upset over the unfairness of the situation.
  • Beskha's arm will be bandaged if Asher saved Malcolm from Drogon instead of her.
  • Whether or not Mira kept the knife is mentioned when her quarters is searched.
  • Finn will appear as a Wight if he was killed in the previous episode, if he was left behind Gared fights an unidentified wight wearing Night's Watch clothing.
  • Gryff will have an eyepatch if he was maimed.
  • Gwyn will appear if Asher survived, she will stab him in the back if he attacks her family during the negotiations or alternatively defend him if he called off the Plan and even be the one to reunite with Asher and Talia after the battle. If Rodrik survives Gwyn sends a message warning him about the impending siege, possible to convince to the Forresters to flee.
  • If Asher was killed and his final words to Beshka were to protect Rodrik, Beshka will say that she promised Asher to keep Rodrik alive if you choose to save Ryon.
  • Elaena will appear, mourning if Rodrik was killed.
    • If Asher was killed, Elaena will be seen being dragged away by a Whitehill soldier under the eyes of Rodrik during the siege unless Rodrik told her to leave before he left for the Whitehill camp.


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Playable characters



  • Finn, burnt by Gared Tuttle (as a wight) (if killed in "A Nest of Vipers")
  • Cotter, mercifully poisoned or used in a blood sacrifice by Gared Tuttle
  • Gryff Whitehill, beheaded by Rodrik Forrester or stabbed by Asher Forrester (player-determined)
  • Lord Ludd Whitehill, beheaded by Rodrik Forrester or poisoned by Talia Forrester (player-determined)
  • Lady Elissa Forrester, poisoned herself or killed by Harys
  • Bowen, killed by Harys (player-determined)
  • Erik, killed by Harys (player-determined)
  • Harys, killed by Rodrik Forrester or Asher Forrester
  • Amaya, shot by Whitehill archers
  • Female prisoner, presumably beheaded (off-screen)
  • Lord Andros, beheaded
  • Tom, beheaded (player-determined)
  • Mira Forrester, beheaded (player-determined)
  • Maester Ortengryn, presumably killed by Whitehill Soldiers (off-screen)
  • Ser Royland Degore, killed by Whitehill Soldiers (player-determined)
  • Duncan Tuttle, killed by Whitehill Soldiers (player-determined)



  • Ice dragons are said to be a legendary species of dragon.
  • The Ice Dragon is the name of a children's novel by George R.R. Martin.
  • The title refers to the constellation of stars The Ice Dragon. In the episode, Gared sees them over ironwood trees, which leads him to the North Grove.
  • The achievements/trophies except for the final one for this episode are all House words:
  • The final achievement is Sentinel, which is also the Forrester lord's most trusted advisor, and in Sony platform (PS3/PS4) the platinum trophy It will be Lord of Ironrath.
  • This episode will be the very first Telltale Games episode to see a simultaneous day-and-date release on PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android-based devices.[2]
  • In the epilogue of episode six, along with the in-game decisions stats, characters from the TV show who had interacted with the Forresters will recite their deeds to their companions unseen in game: Ramsay will talk about Ethan and Rodrik to Reek, Margaery talks about Mira's services and questionable loyalty to her grandmother, Jon Snow talks about Gared's betrayal to Sam, Daenerys talks about Asher's actions during the Siege of Meereen to Missandei, and Cersei addresses the Forresters as a whole, criticize their stubborn Northern way to her father.