Amaya: "They say your homeland is fat and prosperous. An orchard ripe for plucking."
The Beast: "We'll take what we want, and kill anyone who stands in our way."
Amaya and the Beast to Asher Forrester[src]

The Beast (Valyrian: Se Dyni) was a recently freed pit fighter in Meereen. He was one of Amaya's followers.



He seemed to know Beskha as he call her "Beskha the Basilisk".

"A Nest of Vipers"

The Beast is first seen talking to another pit fighter. He has little patience for Asher Forrester, and threatens to kill him. However, after Asher defeats Bloodsong he comes to respect the Westerosi, and follows him to Westeros.

When the Forresters and the pit fighters are ambushed by the Whitehills upon Asher's arrival in Westeros, The Beast is hit by several arrows while trying to lift the gate. He is killed by Gryff Whitehill's right-hand man, Harys, with a spear thrown through his side.


Telltale Game Series appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness
Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon

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