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This page is about the short. For the time period, see: Age of Heroes

"The Age of Heroes"[3] is the second short of the first season of Histories & Lore. It is the second short of the series overall. It was released on March 6, 2012 in Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season. It was narrated by Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark and written by Bryan Cogman.


Bran the Builder. Garth Greenhand. Lann the Clever. These are the larger-than-life characters whose stories have been told in every corner of the Seven Kingdoms for hundreds of years. Bran Stark tells the tales of the heroes whose legends have outlasted castles, dynasties, and the kingdoms themselves.[3]


Bran Stark: When Aegon the Conqueror invaded Westeros, he had Seven Kingdoms to contend with.

The Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, the Iron Islands, the Kingdom of the Rock, the Kingdom of the Reach, the Stormlands, and Dorne.

These regions had been established by the First Men thousands of years before, in the Age of Heroes.

One hero of this fabled age was Bran the Builder. Bran raised the Wall and built the stronghold of Winterfell, establishing House Stark and reigning as the first King in the North.

Other legends tell of the Grey King in the Iron Islands. Grey King took a mermaid to wife and defeated Nagga, the first sea dragon. House Greyjoy of Pyke, the current rulers of the region, claim to descend from him.

House Casterly ruled the gold-rich Westerlands from their mighty seat of Casterly Rock. But their lands and power were swindled from them by the legendary trickster, Lann the Clever. The noble House of Lannister is said to have descended from him.

The verdant and fertile lands of the Reach were first ruled by House Gardener. Its founder, known as Garth Greenhand, wore a crown of flowers and vines. He ruled from Highgarden as the first King of the Reach and was said to have made the land bloom. Many noble houses trace their bloodlines back to him, including the current lords of Highgarden, House Tyrell.

In the Stormlands, according to ballads of the age, a warrior named Durran fell in love with Elenei, whose father was god of the sea, and mother was goddess of the wind. She gave her maidenhead to him, committing herself to a mortal life.

Enraged, her parents called upon the winds and waters, destroying Durran's bayside keep and wiping out his wedding gift. Durran declared war on the gods and rebuilt his keep, which was also destroyed.

Four more castles he raised, each stronger than the last. All fell to the power of the gods. But Durran's seventh castle, Storm's End, withstood the gods' rage. Durran became known as Durran Godsgrief and reigned as the first Storm King.

There are countless other tales from the Age of Heroes, too many to count. These histories weren't recorded in a book but passed down from generation to generation through story and song.

And while some of them may be dismissed as fairy tales, every one of the Seven Kingdoms is defined by them.











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