"Alright, I'll defend the crypt, then."
―Teela to Davos Seaworth[src]

Teela is a resident of Winterfell. She has at least two brothers.


Season 8

As Davos Seaworth serves a stew to the people of Winterfell before the battle, the girl expresses desire to fight the White Walkers. Davos looks her intently; perhaps she reminds him of the late Shireen Baratheon, whom he loved as if she was his daughter. Gilly approaches the girl, saying she would like her be in the crypts with her to protect them, and Davos agrees. The girl thinks it over and decides to go down the crypts.[1]

She is present in the crypts during the Battle of Winterfell. She survives the awakening of the Kings of Winter.[2]

Behind the scenes

According to the episode subtitles and transcripts, the girl's name is Teela; the name is not mentioned on-screen in the episode.


Season Eight appearances
Winterfell A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms The Long Night
The Last of the Starks The Bells The Iron Throne


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