"You! I told you if I ever saw you again, I'd cut your fucking throats!"
―Tazal to Asher Forrester and Beskha[src]

Tazal is a high-ranking member of the Lost Legion, a sellsword company in Essos. He is an old enemy of Asher Forrester and Beskha from an undisclosed Volantis job.


"The Lost Lords​"

Tazal first appears at the tavern Asher and Beskha are occupying in Yunkai, leading a group of Lost Legion fighters and claiming to be collecting the pair's hostage, Bezzaq. He initially offers them 400 Gold Dragons for the man, halving the offer Asher was originally given and outraging him. He then slits Bezzaq's throat and orders his men to attack the pair, planning to claim that they murdered Bezzaq and he was there to deal swift justice. However, Asher and Beskha manage to defeat Tazal's men and severely injure him, cutting off his right hand in the process. Tazal taunts him, warning him that if he dies, the Lost Legion will not stop until they get their revenge for his death by killing both Asher and Beskha.

Asher then is given the option to either stomp on his neck and push forward, breaking it, or spare him and just break his knee.

If Asher spared T​azal, the sellsword is later seen while he, Beskha, and Malcolm are attempting to escape Yunkai, being helped by fellow Lost Legion members and ordering that the fugitives must not be allowed to leave the city.

If the player does not make a choice whether or not to spare Tazal, Beskha will stab him through the heart.

"The Sword in the Darkness"

Tazal is mentioned by Beskha if you killed him, mentioning the Lost Legion are still raw about him. Malcolm criticizes snapping his neck, believing it was overdoing it.

If you busted Tazal's knee, Beskha will criticize you for not killing him, mentioning men like him do not forgive, and that Asher cut off his hand too.


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