"My father's army descended on Tarbeck so quickly that Lord Walderan had no time to gather his forces, and rode against my father with only his household knights. Soon, his head, his sons' heads, and the heads of any man with Tarbeck blood adorned the spears of the Lannister vanguard as it marched to Tarbeck Hall."
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Tarbeck Hall is a ruined castle in the Westerlands, formerly the seat of the now-extinct House Tarbeck. It was destroyed during the Reyne Rebellion.


Lord Walderan Tarbeck and his wife Lady Ellyn Reyne were able to rebuild Tarbeck Hall to its former splendor through some extravagant loans that her brothers Ser Roger Reyne and Ser Reynard Reyne obtained from their weak-willed liege Lord Tytos Lannister. The castle was later destroyed when the Reynes and Tarbecks rebelled against House Lannister and Lord Tytos's son Tywin had it bombarded with trebuchets, crushing Lady Ellyn and her son Tion within. The remaining Tarbeck forces surrendered, with Tywin putting the castle to the torch.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Tarbeck Hall was located in the Westerlands close to Castamere and the Crag. By the reign of Lord Gerold Lannister, the Tarbecks had become impoverished. Their fortunes changed when Lord Walderan Tarbeck married Lady Ellyn Reyne. Ellyn used Lannister gold to rebuild the castle's curtain wall, strengthen its towers and decorate its keep.

It has been claimed that Lord Tytos Lannister sent Lord Denys Marbrand to Tarbeck Hall in 255 AC to deal with Lord Walderan, whose territorial demands had angered King Aegon V Targaryen. Lady Ellyn's brother Ser Roger Reyne slew Lord Marbrand and his men and her other brother Ser Reynard Reyne made peace with Lord Tytos by claiming that Roger had mistaken Denys's men for outlaws.

During the Reyne Rebellion, Lord Walderan and most of his kinsmen were either killed on the battlefield or executed after they surrendered by Lord Tytos's son Tywin, who then destroyed the keep, smiling as Lady Ellyn and her son Tion were crushed within before he had the castle put to the torch. Roger's army then reached Tarbeck Hall and were defeated by Tywin's. The ruins of Tarbeck Hall have not been occupied since the rebellion.

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