"Beside the name of Ser Duncan the Tall who as a hedge knight broke several of Prince Aerion Targaryen's teeth while defending a Dornish woman."
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Tanselle was a Dornish woman who was defended from Prince Aerion Targaryen by Ser Duncan the Tall.


Tanselle was defended from Prince Aerion Targaryen by Ser Duncan the Tall, who was still a hedge knight at the time. Duncan broke several of Aerion's teeth in the process.[1]

Season 8

Duncan's defense of Tanselle from Aerion is mentioned in the hedge knight's entry in The Book of Brothers, which the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Brienne of Tarth flicks through.[2]

In the books

Tanselle is not mentioned in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. She appears in The Hedge Knight, the first of the Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas, in which she is the love interest of Ser Duncan the Tall.

Tanselle was tall and slim, with small breasts. Her hair was black and her skin tone resembled the color of olives. Due to her height, she was nicknamed "Tanselle Too-Tall".

Tanselle was a puppeteer whom Dunk gained an instant attraction to upon meeting her at the tourney at Ashford, at which he also befriended Egg, the boy who would grow up to become King Aegon V Targaryen. Dunk asked her to paint his shield after seeing her puppet show. While performing a skit in which the hero kills a dragon, she was attacked and insulted and had one of her fingers broken by Prince Aerion Targaryen, who took the dragon's death as a slight against House Targaryen and accused her of treason. Dunk came to her rescue, but was taken prisoner for striking one of the royal princes. Tanselle and her family left for Dorne as quickly as possible afterwards, but she left behind Dunk's painted shield.

At some point between the ending of The Hedge Knight and the start of The Sworn Sword, Dunk and Egg reached Prince's Pass and later Vaith in Dorne. They did not find her, and Dunk gave up hope that they would. Her fate after this is unknown.

Tanselle would hence appear in any potential TV adaptation of The Hedge Knight.

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