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This page is about the dragon. For the goddess, see: Syrax (goddess)

"Take care not to startle Syrax, my lords. She's rather protective of me."
―Rhaenyra Targaryen[src]

Syrax[a][b] is a dragon belonging to House Targaryen. She is the personal mount of Rhaenyra Targaryen.



Syrax is a yellow green-eyed dragon ridden by Rhaenyra Targaryen.[2] She is named after the Valyrian goddess Syrax.[3]

House of the Dragon: Season 1[]

Rhaenyra rides Syrax on a morning flight around King's Landing before their return to the entrance of the Dragonpit. As Rhaenyra departs for the Red Keep, the Dragonkeepers escort Syrax into the Dragonpit. Several days later, Rhaenyra commands Syrax to cremate the bodies of Queen Aemma Arryn and Prince Baelon Targaryen.[1]

When Rhaenyra learns that her uncle Prince Daemon Targaryen stole the dragon egg that was meant for her brother Baelon, she rides Syrax to Dragonstone and successfully retrieves the egg without inflicting a single casualty before returning to King's Landing.[4]

As a gesture of renewed friendship, Rhaenyra offers to give one of Syrax's eggs to Alicent's son Aemond.[5]

Syrax stays at High Tide along with several other dragons during the funeral of Laena Velaryon.[6]

Daemon enters Dragonmont to retrieve eggs laid by Syrax. He returns with three eggs in total.[7]

Syrax is able to feel the pain of Rhaenyra when the latter miscarried her daughter Visenya. When Otto Hightower and his guards arrive on Dragonstone to demand Rhaenyra's, Rhaenyra rides Syrax to intimidate them before flying off.[8]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

Rhaenyra arrives at the Stormlands on Syrax as they gaze upon Storm's End and Shipbreaker Bay in search of Lucerys and Arrax. They eventually discover one of Arrax's wings which had been brought to shore by a group of fishermen. Syrax lets out a mournful roar as Rhaenyra grieves Lucerys's death. Syrax eventually flies Rhaenyra back to Dragonstone.[9]

In the books[]

Syrax had yellow scales, and by the Dance of the Dragons she had grown huge and formidable - though not as fearsome or experienced in battle as Caraxes. While Rhaenyra enjoyed flying in her youth, as an adult she kept Syrax restrained on Dragonstone. By the time the civil war began she had not hunted for years, but was very well fed.

Rhaenyra first took Syrax as a mount in 104 AC, when the princess was seven years old. Syrax was described as a "young" dragon at the time, and Rhaenyra herself named her "Syrax" (after a Valyrian goddess) - strongly implying that Syrax had no previous rider.

Fire & Blood simply didn't state the lineage of the twenty Targaryen dragons alive at the beginning of the civil war, so it's unclear which ones were Syrax's parents. However, Rhaenyra's dragon is the only one specifically described as laying eggs: she laid "several" clutches during the reign of her father Viserys I. Syrax's latest clutch was produced just prior to the civil war, one of which was given to Daemon's daughter Rhaena.





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