Struan Rodger (born 18 September 1946) is a British actor. In Game of Thrones he briefly played the Three-Eyed Raven in the fourth season. He debuts in an uncredited voice cameo in "The Lion and the Rose" and makes his only onscreen appearance in "The Children". Absent throughout season five, the character reappears in the sixth season, yet the role is taken over by Max von Sydow.

Rodger is best known for his role as Sandy McGrath in the film Chariots of Fire. He has also appeared in films such as Stardust, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Kill List. He also provided the voice of the Face of Boe in several episodes of Doctor Who.


Season Four credits
Two Swords The Lion and the Rose Breaker of Chains Oathkeeper First of His Name
The Laws of Gods and Men Mockingbird The Mountain and the Viper The Watchers on the Wall The Children

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