Bronn: "Falyse is forty and barren."
Tyrion Lannister: "She still gets Castle Stokeworth; when her father dies."
Bronn: "She does. Unless she happens to perish before her father; then Lollys gets the castle. What? Ladies fall from their horses and snap their pretty necks all the time."
Bronn and Tyrion discuss the succession of House Stokeworth[src]
Lord Stokeworth is the late husband of Tanda Stokeworth.


Season 4

Cersei Lannister arranges for a marriage between Lollys Stokeworth and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater to sway the ambitious ex-sellsword away from Tyrion Lannister's service. Tyrion tells Bronn that he should have married her older sister Falyse, who will inherit Castle Stokeworth when her father dies, but he replies that she is barren.[1]

Season 5

Apparently Tyrion and Bronn were mistaken when they earlier said that Lollys's father was still alive. Lollys explains to her betrothed Ser Bronn that her mother is the current head of House Stokeworth, because when her mother dies, her older sister Falyse will inherit Castle Stokeworth.[2]

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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, nothing is known about Lord Stokeworth other than that he is the husband of Lady Tanda and the father of Falyse and Lollys.

Tanda is the head of House Stokeworth in the novels, and her husband has been dead for some time. When House Stokeworth was first mentioned in the TV series in Season 4's "Mockingbird", a point of some confusion was that Tyrion said that Lollys's older sister would inherit Castle Stokeworth after their father died. When Lollys first appeared on-screen in Season 5, however, she made it clear that her older sister will inherit the castle after their mother dies. It is possible that the TV writers thought that having a female head of a major House would be confusing and require some sort of lengthy explanation, so they simply pushed back the explanation about Lollys's mother being the actual head of the House to Season 5. It can easily be explained that Tyrion was simply mistaken or misspoke.

During the reign of Aerys II, Manly Stokeworth was Commander of the City Watch. He was succeeded in the position by Janos Slynt. Littlefinger remarked that the widowed Lady Tanda has no love for the Lannisters: it is quite possible that Manly was in fact her husband, and that he died during the Sack of King's Landing committed by Tywin Lannister's army.

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