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02:15, September 6, 2019CERSEIBATTLEOFKINGSLANDING.PNG (file)507 KBQueenBuffy (Uploaded better angle/cropped image)
02:06, September 6, 2019Jaime S8 redemption infobox.png (file)426 KBQueenBuffy 
23:55, May 15, 2019Tyrion8x06.PNG (file)610 KBQueenBuffy (Better image/length/shows more of him)
23:48, May 15, 2019Drogon The Bells S8.png (file)707 KBQueenBuffy 
23:35, May 15, 2019DrogonWinterfell8x01.PNG (file)683 KBQueenBuffy (Just shows a little bit more of him)
22:52, May 15, 2019Martha.png (file)201 KBQueenBuffy (Brightend image of Martha way better and resized it better for infobox)
22:48, May 15, 2019Nora in Kings Landing s8 e5.png (file)118 KBQueenBuffy (Fixed size to better suit infobox)
16:03, April 28, 2019Cersei on Throne Winterfell Ep s8 infobox size.jpg (file)284 KBQueenBuffy (Other image a little "too" cropped)
15:56, April 28, 2019Dragon wolf Cersei infobox s7.jpg (file)128 KBQueenBuffy 
15:36, April 28, 2019Drogon and mommy Dany s6.gif (file)2 MBQueenBuffy 
15:25, April 28, 201920160525 ep 606 On Drogon Dany.jpg (file)98 KBQueenBuffy 
15:09, April 28, 2019Dany s6 infobox blood of blood.jpg (file)152 KBQueenBuffy 
15:06, April 28, 2019S5 Dany ep7 pits meereen.jpg (file)60 KBQueenBuffy 
15:04, April 28, 2019Dany s4 promo infobox resized.jpg (file)147 KBQueenBuffy 
14:40, April 28, 2019Scargirl s8 ep2.png (file)639 KBQueenBuffy 
05:56, April 28, 2019Daenerys on Dragonstone.jpg (file)144 KBQueenBuffy 
05:04, April 28, 2019Daenerys reception 2x05.jpg (file)578 KBQueenBuffy 
04:58, April 28, 2019Cersei 1x01.jpg (file)117 KBQueenBuffy 
04:19, April 28, 2019S4 Slynt HD.png (file)4.22 MBQueenBuffy (Best size for infobox)
04:11, April 28, 2019Robert Baratheon close up crown.jpg (file)132 KBQueenBuffy 
04:08, April 28, 2019Longaxe-1.jpg (file)63 KBQueenBuffy 
04:05, April 28, 2019Cersei's crown s7 8.jpg (file)61 KBQueenBuffy 
04:00, April 28, 2019Pyat Pree daggers2.jpg (file)35 KBQueenBuffy 
03:37, April 28, 2019Unsullied helmet in s3.jpg (file)51 KBQueenBuffy 
03:36, April 28, 2019Tyrion worn costume.jpg (file)91 KBQueenBuffy 
03:35, April 28, 2019Tyrion Sansa Margaery and Joffery wardrobe costumes.jpg (file)89 KBQueenBuffy 
03:35, April 28, 2019Tattered Jaimes clothes s3.jpg (file)80 KBQueenBuffy 
03:34, April 28, 2019Sansa's wedding dress shows just one portion of a band of embroidery.jpg (file)122 KBQueenBuffy 
03:34, April 28, 2019Sandor Armor.jpg (file)82 KBQueenBuffy 
03:33, April 28, 2019Jon Snow's and Ygritte's costumes.jpg (file)91 KBQueenBuffy 
03:32, April 28, 2019Joffrey Baratheon's suit of armor.jpg (file)100 KBQueenBuffy 
03:31, April 28, 2019Jaimes severed hand.jpg (file)83 KBQueenBuffy 
03:29, April 28, 2019House Lannister — have been worn in to give the appearance of age..jpg (file)77 KBQueenBuffy 
03:29, April 28, 2019Emilias dresses s4 costume dresses.jpg (file)61 KBQueenBuffy 
03:28, April 28, 2019Embroidery is shown off on Cersei's cloak..jpg (file)139 KBQueenBuffy 
03:27, April 28, 2019Dragon eggs 3rd GRR martin has.jpg (file)62 KBQueenBuffy 
03:26, April 28, 2019Closer look Joffs crown.jpg (file)50 KBQueenBuffy 
03:26, April 28, 2019Closer look at Jon Snows cloak.jpg (file)102 KBQueenBuffy 
03:25, April 28, 2019Brienne's armor helmet.jpg (file)43 KBQueenBuffy 
03:25, April 28, 2019Brienne and Jaime costume s3.jpg (file)99 KBQueenBuffy 
03:13, April 28, 2019Joffs crossbow.jpg (file)82 KBQueenBuffy 
03:10, April 28, 2019Ice Hammers wildlings.jpg (file)66 KBQueenBuffy 
03:09, April 28, 2019Daario Naharis, s3, hilt and dagger.jpg (file)76 KBQueenBuffy 
03:09, April 28, 2019Artifacts north of the Wall.jpg (file)77 KBQueenBuffy 
02:57, April 28, 2019Jorah Mormont pardon real life prop.jpg (file)597 KBQueenBuffy 
02:53, April 28, 2019Crowns in GoT.jpg (file)86 KBQueenBuffy 
02:48, April 28, 2019WidowsWail Sword.jpg (file)36 KBQueenBuffy 
02:47, April 28, 2019S4-ep8-Oberyns Spear3.jpg (file)310 KBQueenBuffy 
02:42, April 28, 2019Real life Greyjoy Banner.jpg (file)52 KBQueenBuffy 
02:38, April 28, 2019S4-ep8-Gregor Armor3.jpg (file)62 KBQueenBuffy 

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