Slaver: "It will be a dwarf-sized cock!"
Tyrion: "Guess again!"
— The slaver to Tyrion Lannister[src]

A slaver is one of the slavers accompanying Malko.



He is one of the slavers accompanying Malko.

Season 5

When Tyrion Lannister and his captor, Ser Jorah Mormont, are captured by Malko and his slavers, he orders his men to cut Tyrion's throat and remove his penis, as they believe that a dwarf's penis contains magical powers. When Tyrion pleads for the slavers not to cut off his penis, he says that when they find a cock merchant, he needs to see Tyrion for himself or else he cannot believe the penis to actually be his. The slaver claims Tyrion's penis to be the size of a dwarf, but Tyrion debunks this, as a dwarf's penis looks identical to that of any other normal adult man.[1]


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