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"A gift for the gods."
Craster's wives[src]

Sissy is one of Craster's daughters whom he has married.



She is one of Craster's daughters whom he has married.

Season 4

After Craster is killed in the mutiny, she is taken by Karl Tanner, who frequently beats her. When Morag brings in Craster's last son, she joins her sisters in chanting that the child is a gift for the gods.[1]

During a raid on Craster's Keep, she stabs Karl Tanner in the back, preventing him from killing Jon Snow and giving the latter a chance to kill Karl.[2]


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Behind the scenes

The character's name is never mentioned onscreen or in credits. It is mentioned in the actress's CV.[3]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there's no mention of a daughter-wife of Craster called Sissy.

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