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"Where did you learn the Lannister song?"
―The soldier to Bronn[src]

A Singing Lannister soldier is a knight in service to House Lannister.


Season 2

He is drinking with Bronn prior to the Battle of the Blackwater. They sing "The Rains of Castamere" together and he asks how Bronn knows the Lannister song. Bronn says that he learned it from drunk Lannisters. He remains for the awkward face off between Bronn and Sandor Clegane. He rushes to the Mud Gate when the bells sound the call to arms.[1]

He is part of the sortie led by Sandor to repel the attackers. He survives the fighting and takes the water that the Hound refuses afterwards. When Tyrion Lannister tries to rally the men for another sortie he protests that the gate is the only way out and Stannis's men are already at the gate. Tyrion explains that he is going to show them another way out. He is part of Tyrion's sortie and is not seen after the fighting begins.[1]


Season Two appearances
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