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"An actress who calls herself Lady Crane. She plays in the theatre in Sheelba Square."
Jaqen H'ghar[src]

Sheelba Square is located in Braavos and is known for hosting the play, The Bloody Hand.


Season 6

Sheelba Square hosts The Bloody Hand, a play loosely based on the events of the War of the Five Kings in Westeros. It contains drastic plot condensations, glaring omissions, mischaracterizations, gratuitous nudity, and lowbrow humor.

In the books

The Gate is a cavernous mummers playhall in Braavos. It was built by Izembaro.

The Gate is located close by the edge of Drowned Town, between the Outer Harbor and the Purple Harbor. The Ship is close by.

An old warehouse had burnt down where the Gate now stands and the ground is sinking a little more each year, so the land came cheap. Izembaro raised his playhall atop the flooded stone foundation of the warehouse.

The Gate's stage developed a tilt as the building settled and water snakes nest in the flooded cellar. The mummers costumes are prone to mildew.

According to Izembaro the Dome and the Blue Lantern might enjoy more fashionable environs but with the Gate’s location being between the Outer Harbor and the Purple Harbor the troupe would never lack for sailors and whores to fill their pit. He told the mummers that the Gate would flourish as the Ship had, and in time he was proven right. The Sealord has never visited the Gate, but Izembaro named a box for him anyway, the largest and most opulent in the house.

The mummers of the Gate put on a performance of The Bloody Hand.


  • The pit: patronized by the Hoi Polloi

The four balconies:

  • The first level: for merchants and captains and other respectable folk.
  • The second level: is cut up into private boxes where the mighty can comport themselves in comfort and privacy, safely apart from the vulgarity above and below. Patrons have the best view of the stage, and servants to bring them food, wine, cushions, whatever they might desire. It is rare to find the second balcony more than half full at the Gate; the mighty who relish a night of mummery are more inclined to visit the Dome or the Blue Lantern, where the offerings are considered subtler and more poetic.
  • The third level: also for merchants and captains and other respectable folk.
  • The fourth level: the highest level. The bravos prefer this level where the seats are the cheapest.

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