"When Aegon the Conqueror landed in Westeros, the Queen Regent of the Vale shut the Bloody Gate against the Targaryens and massed the knights of the Vale behind it to lock it. But Visenya simply flew her dragon to a balcony of the Eyrie where the boy king was playing and gave the boy a ride around the castle... in return for his mother's submission."
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Sharra Arryn was the widow of a King of Mountain and Vale and the Queen Regent of Kingdom of Mountain and Vale, ruling in the name of her son Ronnel Arryn, at the time of the War of Conquest.



Visenya takes the Eyrie

Visenya Targaryen flew her dragon directly over the mountains to the Eyrie.

Queen Sharra was alongside her son when Visenya Targaryen flew to the Eyrie demanding submission. Ronnel bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror and surrendered the Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale in exchange for a ride atop Vhagar.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, it is unknown to which house Sharra Arryn was born. She was regarded as the most beautiful woman in Westeros.

When Aegon made his intentions known to the Kings of Westeros, Queen Sharra, who was ten years older than Aegon, sent him a portrait of her and a marriage proposal with the condition he made her son his heir. Aegon refused (quipping that he already had two wives and needed no more), prompting the Vale to resist the invasion. At the Battle of Gulltown, Visenya Targaryen was defeated, but she managed to burn the Arryn fleet. Rather than join the alliance of the Kingdom of the Reach and the Kingdom of the Rock, Sharra adopted a siege strategy, closing the Bloody Gate and positioning her land armies to massacre the Targaryen army if it tried to force the mountain pass. The result was that the strength of the Vale was not present at the Field of Fire.

Nevertheless, by the time Sharra returned to the Eyrie she found Visenya already there, with King Ronnel sitting on her lap, asking his mother if he could take a ride on Vhagar – who was perched on a nearby battlement. The implicit threat of her son being held by Visenya was enough to make Sharra surrender. After exchanging pleasantries, she promptly and politely brought the crowns of the Vale to Visenya, who then took Ronnel for his ride.

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