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Sharako Lohar is a Lyseni serving as a commander of the Triarchy fleet.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Sharako Lohar's character description reads as follows:

"An eccentric Lysene commander of the Triarchy fleet."[1]

In the books[]

In Fire & Blood, Lohar was a Lysene admiral who commanded a combined Triarchy fleet of 90 Myrish, Lysene, and Tyroshi warships.[2]

Lohar is only referred to by name in four lines of the book, and was given no physical description whatsoever.

In the condensed prequel novella The Princess and the Queen (2013), Sharako was only referred to in two lines - which were worded in such a way that Sharako's gender wasn't even clear (only describing "the fleet commanded by Sharako Lohar" without using pronouns). The full version of Fire & Blood released in 2018 only contained one more brief reference to Sharako in a later chapter - two lines in the same paragraph - which didn't give any further description or background (except tacitly referring to Sharako as "he," confirming Sharako was male).

The TV version apparently merged Lohar with the prominent character Racallio Ryndoon, who was also a commander of the Triarchy fleet - or rather, expanded Racallio by giving him Sharako's role but keeping the name "Sharako."




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