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"You are all your father promised and more, my lady."
Renly Baratheon to Brienne of Tarth[src]

Lord Selwyn Tarth is the Lord of Evenfall Hall, head of House Tarth and the father of the warrior woman Brienne.



Selwyn Tarth is the Lord of Evenfall Hall and the head of House Tarth, a vassal house of House Baratheon of Storm's End. He is the ruler of Tarth, an island located in Shipbreaker Bay in the Stormlands. He trained his daughter Brienne to be an accomplished warrior. After the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings, Lord Selwyn declared for Renly Baratheon and sent Brienne to join his army.

Season 2

After Brienne defeats Loras in single combat, King Renly is impressed by the warrior-woman's prowess and states that she is everything her father said she was and more.[1] When Jaime meets Brienne for the first time, he spends a moment trying to recall Tarth, then remembers that its lord is her father, Selwyn of House Tarth.[2]

Season 3

When the captured Brienne is about to be raped by Locke and then by his men, Jaime successfully stops them by promising Lord Selwyn would pay a high ransom for his only surviving child's return, but only if Brienne's honor remains "unbesmirched." Jaime tells Locke that Tarth is famous as "the Sapphire Isle" because it is the location of all sapphire mines in Westeros, and Lord Selwyn will give him Brienne's weight in sapphires for her release. Locke agrees and calls off his men before they can rape Brienne.[3]

Brienne subsequently points out to Jaime in private that Tarth is called "the Sapphire Isle" because of the blue of the surrounding waters - there are no sapphire gemstones. She realizes Jaime must have known this, but embellished her father's wealth in order to convince Locke to leave her unharmed.[4]

Lord Selwyn responds to Locke's ransom demand via raven, offering a ransom of three hundred Gold Dragons in exchange for Brienne's release. Unfortunately, Locke became so convinced by Jaime's previous spur of the moment lie to save Brienne that he refuses Selwyn's offer, and will settle for nothing less than literally Brienne's weight in sapphire gemstones. Selwyn's messages insist there are no sapphires on Tarth but Locke simply thinks he is refusing to pay. Locke and his men decide to entertain themselves by putting Brienne into Harrenhal's bear pit, but she is saved by Jaime's intervention.[5]

Season 4

Cersei tells Brienne at Joffrey's wedding that as "Lord Selwyn Tarth's daughter, that makes you a lady whether you want to be or not".[6]

Brienne mentions her father when she encounters Arya. She reminisces how Lord Selwyn told her that it was not proper behavior for a lady to pursue martial activity. However, Brienne did not listen and continued fighting other boys until her father relented and personally trained her as a warrior.[7]

Season 5

Brienne recounts to Podrick Payne how her father held a ball for her and invited dozens of young highborn suitors.[8]

Season 6

At Riverrun, Brienne mentions who she is a second time while attempting to convince Brynden Tully to join Sansa in the North. He cuts her off, stating that he knows and admires her father.[9]

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Lady Tarth
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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Selwyn Tarth is described as a good man of fifty-four years old. Also known as "The Evenstar", he is a widower remembered by Brienne as having a new woman every year.

Lord Selwyn initially declares House Tarth's support for Renly; after Renly's death, it isn't clearly stated whom he supports. He certainly does not send any troops to aid Stannis, but it's unclear if he bends the knee to Joffrey, outright lends his support to him, or simply adopts an isolationist stance, like Lord Gulian Swann.

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